Creative Writing Courses
Courses are soon to be made available over the Internet.  Take advantage of a tailor made course just for you!
Dip your toe into the writing waters, or bring to fruition a long term project.  Whatever stage of writing you are at, there will be something that will work for you.
Lewisham Art House
140 Lewisham Way
London SE14 6PD
Courses taught by Heather Steed
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    Areas covered:
        Children’s Writing
        Structuring your Novel
        How to have fun writing fiction
        Feedback for Novelists
        Make Crime Pay: Crime Writing
        Report Writing
How it will work:
Apply via the internet for details of courses and fees.  
Fees will vary according to the length of course and the amount of one to one feedback agreed upon.  There will be an initial charge for course information and study materials plus £15 per hour for individual tutor time.  
You will receive your digital information pack and study materials and you will be encouraged to send your work for review and feedback.  
You can also opt to receive personal tutorials via Skype
Most courses are aimed at writers who are at an early stage of their writing career, but all courses can be tailor made or individually created to suit all requirements
Payment are to be made via paypal or cheque.
Please request further information from Heather Steed at